sechead2edit DokuWiki Extension

An extension for DokuWiki to relocate section edit buttons to the header of that section.

This cleans up extra space between the bottom of a section and top of the next section, as well makes it easier to use the ToC, go to a particular section, and have the Edit button readily available – especially for sections of longer length.

None of the Edit node’s HTML is changed, all classes already applied remain, no new ones are added. The only additional adjustment is to adjust the mouseover/mouseout events to correctly add the section_highlight class to the parent section.

Location, styling of Edit Section by default.
Location of Edit button with secedit2head

Font Awesome plugin for CKEditor v4

CKEditor4 plugin for selecting and customizing Font Awesome icons into your content. Works with Font Awesome versions 4, 5 and 6.

Defaults to current version (at time of release) of Font Awesome 6.4.0 Free via CDNJS and using the <i> element for icon tag. Both can be changed via configuration options.

Font styles, font sizing, color, transforms and animations in relation to the version (Major, Minor, Free/Pro) being used.

Download on Github

Main tab of fa42 Font Awesome plugin for CKEditor

Try it out!

PHP Bindings class for LibreTranslate

LibreTranslate is a free and open source machine translation API, which can be self-hosted and provide quick and easy translation without relying on proprietary – and not free – translation options outside options.

PHP Class for LibreTranslate on Github

Particularly with my work on websites such as PakkeDK (Danish), PaketSE (Swedish), BilligPakkeNO (Norwegian) and CoolParcel (U.S.), being able to easily and quickly translate between two or more languages was a necessity!

Looking for a better, and cheaper way, I ran across LibreTranslate and the LibreTranslate Community and jumped in. It was a perfect solution to what I was looking for but, at the time, there was not a PHP class for connecting, translating, managing keys – so I wrote one. For myself, to start, for the particular job I was trying to accomplish, but then to share back to the open source community.