PHP Bindings class for LibreTranslate

LibreTranslate is a free and open source machine translation API, which can be self-hosted and provide quick and easy translation without relying on proprietary – and not free – translation options outside options.

PHP Class for LibreTranslate on Github

Particularly with my work on websites such as PakkeDK (Danish), PaketSE (Swedish), BilligPakkeNO (Norwegian) and CoolParcel (U.S.), being able to easily and quickly translate between two or more languages was a necessity!

Looking for a better, and cheaper way, I ran across LibreTranslate and the LibreTranslate Community and jumped in. It was a perfect solution to what I was looking for but, at the time, there was not a PHP class for connecting, translating, managing keys – so I wrote one. For myself, to start, for the particular job I was trying to accomplish, but then to share back to the open source community.

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